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Learning two languages at the same time?

Well, I've got a great interest in languages. I've already learn quite an amount of Spanish. I also want to learn Portuguese really badly. Is it a good idea to learn two at the same time? They're both romantic so will it be a HELP or a CONFUSION?

September 28, 2013



Make sure you choose two different languages like Japanese and Portuguese. This way you won't confuse the two.

Don't study Spanish and Portuguese at the same time. Wait until you have finished Spanish before moving on Portuguese


I would not go so far...


If we know one of them and then learn the other, it is a huge help.


then you would not be learning two new languages only learning one new language so the there would be other word to perhaps describe



I'm just saying that if you know one of them the other becomes a lot easier and if we learn both as they are similar we would make some mistakes. I'm not saying that learning both is hard


I think everyone makes confusion when learning both these languages.

I don't get mistaken althoght I am a native portuguese speaker, probably because I know really well at least one of the languages. You can shearch for false cognates (words that althoght they are written in the same way in both languages have different meanings), there are a lot of that words, like "oficina".


Sorry, it is "these" not "that"


I work on Spanish and French every day (also German). I kind of know French and don't use Duo for that, but I'm learning Spanish. Just don't do one right after the other. Separate the languages with a completely different activity.


So it'd be a help for me to learn two languages?


Do 1 language at a time... it really helps. If you want to try 2, do 2 completely different languages that have nothing in common

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