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"It is as if she did not remember me."

Translation:É como se ela não lembrasse de mim.

September 28, 2013



Is it not correct to say, "É como se ela não me lembrasse"?


No. Some verbs are not used with this kind of pronouns, especially those which can be reflexive. So "lembrasse de mim" is the best option.


I suppose that makes sense. Thank you.


If I might opine on this. I believe that "É como se ela não me lembrasse" could be interpreted as "It's as if I did not remember her." That is the reflexive nature that Paul is mentioning that is core to lembrar-me.


Could this be translated with "estar" instead of "ser" ?


I tried "esta" but it was rejected. No idea why!


This is a very good point. Just out of habit, ser feels like the best option. Though, it would be good if we could get an expert to comment on this.


I agree, just if that's informal Portuguese. But if a portuguese teacher see this, would say it's definitely wrong!!!! The correct form is: "É como se ela não se lembrasse de mim". Duo failed this one.

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