"I eat the strawberry."

Translation:Ben çileği yerim.

May 28, 2015



(The) doesn't come with food!!! Why there is (the) everywhere!

July 31, 2017


Why it sometimes have this "g" at the end and sometimes not?

May 28, 2015


when you add the accusative suffix to words ending in p ç t k, they will mutate to b c d ğ (one syllable words are usually the exception. This is also explained in the tips and notes for this skill, so please try to read the tips and notes before starting lessons :)

May 28, 2015


Hi ....can you plz tell me where are the tips and notes ???i can't find them :(

August 11, 2015


It's not available in the android or ios app as far as i can see, but if you go to the desktop version on the website, start an accusative lesson then you should be able to see it to click on.

August 18, 2015


Is the word 'ben' strictly necessary in this sentence?

June 1, 2015


No but it is in literature. This software translate english to turkish. People in turkey don,t say ben chilegi yerim. They say chilek yerim or chilegi yerim

June 19, 2015


So cikek yerim is correct??

February 3, 2016
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