Sound - music

How can I eliminate the music in the background without losing the pronunciation of the words? The music is annoying.

May 28, 2015


Could it be that you have a website open in another tab that is playing music? Or perhaps a program on your computer doing the same thing?

Duolingo shouldn't have any background music of its own.

I have a continuing sound/music that keeps going while they are trying to pronounce the words. If I turn off the sound, then I can't hear the pronunciations.

I don't have anything opened other than duolingo. I only hear this when I open duolingo.

You could try disabling sound effects in the settings:

But my experience of Duolingo doesn't have background music, so I can't accurately say if this will work.

Same problem here. Very annoying. How do I get rid of this background music without interfering with the sound of the pronunciation?

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