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Spanish lessons offer only one question on repeat

I am trying to learn Spanish, one of the lessons I was redoing repeated over and over a question that was way above my level. I had the question 20 times and did it right every time after I forced to learn it, but of course, missed all the vocab I was supposed to learn. Then I bought the Flirting lesson with my Lingots. The same thing. Only one sentence and I didn't learn any of the vocab listed. I really need to learn the language and am working at it and this is defeating, as it ill prepares me for future lessons and I miss vocabulary I need. So I couldn't post here for some reason and sent a mail to Duolingo 3 weeks ago and they never answered.

May 28, 2015



You can repeat the lessons if you want by clicking on Redo.


This exact same thing happens in the German "Strengthen skills" practice. Twice I've gotten more than 15 consecutive questions about the exact same word.


Of course I tried redoing the frickin' lesson, like 20 times.

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