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Quick heart refill question

Is it automatic when you lose a heart, or you can control it in some way?

September 28, 2013



Warning, it's not a complete refill. It's one heart restored.


I've gotten two hearts with a single refill. It happened twice to me today.


It's not automatic, there's a little "heart refill" potion logo on the top right that you click if you want to use it.


Where is the little logo? I bought a refill and this is how my tests look: http://i.imgur.com/GAXXPOH.png


You can control it. If you have lost all your hearts, it is up to you whether to use the refill (and get one extra opportunity to make a mistake without failing the lesson) or to risk finishing the lesson as you are. In the latter case, if you make the last mistake, the owl will cry and you will fail. The heart refill will remain for the future.


I "bought" two hearts (opened a different browser) Duo took my lingot but I didn't have another heart...?

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