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Comments I made showing on profile, but not in sentence discussion

This has been happening for a while and I don't think it's just me (sometimes when I visit the list of sentence discussions, there are sentences at the top that have zero comments, just like what's happening to me). Does anyone know why this is?


On activity page

On sentence discussion

May 28, 2015



This is just a guess, but according to Google Translate "Zo zegt Duolingo..." is Dutch for "So says Duolingo..."

That doesn't help anyone learning Dutch. It doesn't explain why a particular verb or conjugation is used instead of another one, it doesn't explain grammar, or meaning, or ask for help. It's just noise. So the course moderators probably deleted it.

When a comment is deleted from a discussion, or when an entire discussion is deleted, they still show up in peoples' profiles.


Oh. Guess that could be it, then. Thanks. I shall refrain from my (rare, but still occasional) goofy comments then.


Idle chit-chat in the forums is frowned upon, because it can drown out the serious inquiries. But many of us love to scroll through our Activity feed to see all the profile conversations our friends are having, and to "like" or "up vote" our friends for reaching a new level, completing a new skill, or whatever. There is a big casual side to Duo; it just isn't here in the forums ;)

Feel free to knock yourself out with goofy comments on your friends' profiles. Everyone enjoys a laugh, and studying is tiring. Breaks are welcome.

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