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argentine spanish

Anyone have any ideas on how to learn argentine spanish?

September 28, 2013



all 'll' and 'y' sounds are 'zh' There is an app and web site that teaches Argentine Spanish called "Bueno Entonces"


I'm not an expert, but I have had extensive exposure to Spanish as it's spoken in Argentina so here's my input:

One major feature of Rioplatense Spanish that is commonly spoken in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, and even parts of Bolivia and Chile (I believe) is the use of "vos" in place of "tú." This also changes how the verb is conjugated for the informal second person singular.

"Ser" is conjugated as "sos," so rather than "tú eres" it's "vos sos." Other than that, as far as I've been able to detect, most verbs are conjugated in a pretty simple, consistent manner. Basically you drop the r, add an s, and accent the last vowel. Some examples are "vos podés" rather than "tú puedes," "vos querés" rather than "tú quieres," "vos hablás" rather than tú hablas," "vos vivís" rather than "tú vives" and so on.

Also, I've recently noticed that duolingo is accepting the "vos" conjugation in my exercises. Just a few minutes ago in one of my exercises I was told to record and translate to Spanish: "Whom are you with?" I said, "¿Con quién estás vos?" and received this message:

You are correct We heard "¿Con quién estás vos?"

I've also noticed that it's been accepted when I've translated "You have" to "Vos tenés"

I wonder if this is a new addition as I hadn't noticed it until recently.


Does anyone know of any good self-study courses that specialise in Rioplatense Spanish? I would like to refresh my Spanish (I learnt a basic level a while ago, but will need to refresh), but as I'm in the UK most resources here are of the Castillian variety, and I'd rather use a course that has audio from Argentina or at least Latin America, and that covers voseo and the use of the simple past in every day speech.

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