"Eu não segui a mulher."

Translation:I did not follow the woman.

September 28, 2013

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Does this sentance only mean following the woman somewere, or could it also mean following the woman in what she is saying?


The verb "seguir" has a more literal sense. If you want to mean you are following what someone is saying, you can use the verb "entender" (to understand) ou "acompanhar" (to follow). Anyway, "entender" is more commonly used.


Can it refer like to follow as in social media?


I've seen it used that way in previous lessons on DL.


Can wife instead of woman be used here?


To mean "wife", you need a possessive adjective (such as "a minha mulher", "a mulher dele")


If "o marido" without a possessive indicates the speaker's husband by default, why does not "a mulher" mean the wife? Its the same as body parts and clothing. On the contrary, i would look for a demonstrative "that woman" to indicate some woman other than the wife.


I am guessing it's because "marido" only means husband whereas "mulher" can mean both woman and wife. It seems to be the same as in English where people use "my woman" or "your woman" to refer to one's partner.

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