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Speaking Lessons trouble.

I am finding that the shorter the sentence the more likely it is that the program won't recognize what I'm saying.

I'm not entirely sure if this is something I can improve on my end or if there just isn't enough data in shorter sentences for accuracy to be determined.

Thoughts? It's bloody frustrating when I can get a long sentence correct but somehow garble, "el hombre," for instance.

3 years ago



I usually turn the microphone exercises off, for the reason you mentioned. The speech recognition just isn't good enough. When I turn it on I speak veeeeery sloooowly with biiiiig spaaaaaces between each word. That seems to help.

I still think it's a useful feature, even if the recognition isn't good, because it forces you to speak the language.

3 years ago


I tied it once and never used it again. You can practice 'conversation' in other ways, if nothing else just listen to Spanish radio, TV, etc. and repeat what you hear.

3 years ago