"She has a pain in her back."

Translation:Tá pian ina droim.

May 28, 2015

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I'm a bit confused about what seems to me a lack of "has." I wrote "Tá pian aici ina droim." Is this ok? Is the order off? Is "aici" simply unnecessary? "Tá pian ina droim" I read as "there's a pain in her back." Grma :)


Tá pian uirthi ina droim would be perfectly fine for “She has a pain in her back”, and Tá pian ina droim would normally be translated here as “Pain is in her back”, “A pain is in her back”, “There is pain in her back”, “There is a pain in her back”, “There’s pain in her back”, or “There’s a pain in her back”.

A non-literal translation by the course creators is relatively unusual; perhaps uirthi was accidentally omitted from their translation? Try reporting it when opportunity allows for you.


Seems more idiomatic to me: it is not like she posseses that pain...


Why is it ina not inti?


You are mixing up the possessive adjective "her" (equivalent to "his") with the pronoun "her" (equivalent to "him").

ina dhroim - "in his back"
ann - "in him"

ina droim - "in her back"
inti - "in her".


Ok, that makes sense.


I cant understandwhy 'aici ' is omitted -


I am missing the word "has" ?

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