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  5. "Do you have a vacant table?"

"Do you have a vacant table?"

Translation:У вас є вільний столик?

May 28, 2015



what's wrong with "стіл"? is there a distinction between "a table as an item of furniture" and "a table as a thing you might reserve in a restaurant"?


That's just a convention I guess, that we call restaurant tables "столик" instead of стіл


confusing! but thanks for explaining. there's probably something similar in english somewhere


у тебе є вільний столик?


No matter how you look at it, you are unlikely to ask your pal to give you a vacant table or two.

At a cafe or a restaurant you'd want to use ви—which is not as much a politeness device as a generalizing "you" (a waiter does not have any tables—it is the whole restaurant they work at that does)


Is there a way to have Duolingo reply to such answers "Your answer is technically correct, but in most situations to which the original sentence refers, your translation would be considered rude/too polite/archaic/really weird"?


That's a great idea :D


...for more than one language:)

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