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  5. "Jeg spiser brød på kaféen."

"Jeg spiser brød kaféen."

Translation:I am eating bread at the cafe.

May 28, 2015



Aside: Can we have the 'é' (for words like kaféen) available? Or is it always going to be considered a foreign word with that character in it and you are not going to fail the spelling if we only use 'e'?


I am using a qwerty on a mac and I do alt+e then e again to get é


You can also get the å by doing option+k and then a.
The ø is simply option+o. The æ is option+', go figure.


You can get a Norwegian keyboard on a mac: 1. Click on the apple icon in the top left corner 2. System preferences 3. Language and Region 4. Keyboard preferences 5. Click the plus sign 6. Select "Norwegian Bokmål" 7. Click "Add"


På being both in and on is seriously messing with my brain. I know it is in context but I still sit here thinking "hm... It doesn't seem like it should be on, but I will try it anyways." wrong "Dang..."


To add fun to this word, when I was visiting family in Norway ahem years ago it was during the winter & the family decided to Gå på ski - go skiing.


I'm glad I'm not the only one have this issue. Using the same word to mean different things is driving me insane! I almost always end up using the wrong meaning.


Why "på" and not "i"?


ingen kake?


Mmm, kake...

-Homer Simpson


café* Keep the accents; keep literary heritage.


Because I cannot afford anything else


Their favorite customer. "Would you like some water with that, sir?"


Hi .. can I say " Jeg spiser brød hos kaféen " or "Jeg spiser brød i kaféen " is that correct? :)


No, "hos" is used to relate a location to someone, so you can say that you "spiser brød hos min søster", for example.

"I" is wrong as well, it's just a case of "this noun takes this preposition", without too much logic behind it.


Is it some sort of an artisanal bread?


so from what I'm noticing it seems that på is used when speaking like the subject is on the property/premises or such. So like this to me reads, "I am eating bread on the premises of the cafe. sorry if not clear but this is what seems to work for now in the lessons when to use på when referring to "at"

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