"Tá an aire níos fearr."

Translation:The care is better.

May 28, 2015

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How can you tell when a sentence is 'there is' or 'the'?


That's an issue of English, not Irish. When you are talking about a definite subject in English, you normally say something like "the apple is in the bag", but if it's an indefinite subject, you usually say "there is an apple in the bag". ("an apple is in the bag" isn't necessarily wrong, it's just sounds a bit weird).

In Irish, the structure doesn't change - "tá an t-úll sa mhála" (the apple is in the bag), "tá úll sa mhála" ("there is an apple in the bag")


I haven't heard aire used in this context before. I have only come across cúram for care.


According to FGB, it seems like cúram is more 'care and responsibility', while the other is more 'care and attention'. So most likely they're interchangeable.


Three of the six noun definitions in the NEID are interchangeable between aire and cúram ; another one is cúram only, and the other two exclude both of them.


How do we know if what is meant here is care, not attention?

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