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"The door of our house is red."

Translation:La pordo de nia domo estas ruĝa.

May 28, 2015



Is there any rule for when adjectives can be translated as verbs? I remember that "The cake is delicious" was "La kukon bongustas", but "la pordo...ruĝas" wasn't accepted.


You could say "la pordo ruĝas", but it just isn't that commonly used, especially not compared to the word "bongusti".

Also, adding every possible option to the course sentences would take forever.


I wrote "la pordo de nia hejmo estas rug^ga". What is the matter?


There is a difference beetwen "hejmo" (home) and "domo" (house). For someone, home can by on grass under tree - but it isn't a house ;)


use gx instead of.. whatever you wrote


Can you correctly say nia dompordo in place of la pordo de nia domo?


Yes. However note that Duolingo lessons are corrected by a program, not a person, so it is unlikely to recognize that as a valid response. I recommend being pretty literal in Duolingo lessons.

Jes. Tamen rimarku, ke softvaro kontrolas la Duolingajn lecionojn, ne homo, tiel ĝi verŝajne ne konos tion, kiel ĝusta respondo. Mi rekomendas, ke vi respondu pli-malpli laǔvorte en Duolingaj lecionoj.

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