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  5. "It is a cold day."

"It is a cold day."

Translation:Estas malvarma tago.

May 28, 2015



Is 'Gxi estas malvarma tago' wrong?


No, it is not!


I thought it would be wrong. Seeing as Gxi is used as an "it" when a noun can easily be filed in for it. What is the replacer for "it is a cold day?" what is "it"?


Armaan, as you say, when the subject is understood, you can remove gxis, so Gxi estas malvarna and Estas malvarna are two possible answers, and they mean the same!


Typically in Esperanto, we remove "it" when it is just being used as a placeholder for the subject. Like "It is eight o'clock", we would not use the "it" in the Esperanto translation (and yes, I know that saying the time includes saying the nth+minutes hour). Also, "It is raining" is simply "Pluvas".

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