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"I am a vegetarian for the animals' sake."

Translation:Jeg er vegetarianer for dyrenes skyld.

May 28, 2015



Could "Jeg er vegetarianer for dyras skyld" also work?


Yes! In general you can write -a instead of -ene for all neutrum nouns in norwegian. This would, however, for many words mean that you are using a radical form of Norwegian, not the traditional more danish-like language. -ene is more common, with -a used mostly for a few words.


Would this sentence also be correct: "jeg er en vegetarianer for skylden til dyrene" ? Or is this some kind of expression where 'dyrene' always has to be in front of 'skyld'?


We almost always use the genitive s and skyld for "the __'s sake"


As IceColors say. You could also say "av hensyn til dyrene" or maybe even "på grunn av dyrene".


'for dyrenes skyld' is not really good, 'av hensyn til dyrene' and 'paa grunn av dyrene' are both much better.

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