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  5. "Das Kleid ist perfekt."

"Das Kleid ist perfekt."

Translation:The dress is perfect.

May 28, 2015



And why not 'The dress is perfect'?


Both are possible, depending on whether you read das as definite article or demonstrative adjective (das = jenes / das dort).


The is a fault in the instruction headline: It says "Write this in German" but it's already in German and the text box says "type in English"


It's probably changed to "Translate this sentence" so it always makes sense.


Have I seen this somewhere as "the dress fits"?


That would be "das Kleid passt".


Y'know, I understand that there's never going to be a perfect system, but duoLingo really needs to do a better job eliminating ambiguities.

This is one of probably hundreds of discussion threads which need not exist, but does because the system isn't remotely close to the way it should be.

I stay here really only because right now I don't have a better and more appropriate alternative readily available and because I do find benefit in the drill-and-practice DL offers.


Nobody said Duo is perfect. It is maintained by volunteers who aren't paid for that, but do everything with great enthusiasm. And it is improving continuously. So there is always the possibility to report faults and ask for alternatives to be added.

But what do you mean by "eliminating ambiguities"? Languages are always ambiguous. There can't be only one correct solution for every translation task. That's why many translations are accepted. And this is how it should be.

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