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Password recovery not working!

I have used Duolingo for some time now, maybe more than a year, but after the last update I had to log in again with my user name and my password (which I've never changed) but I got the message that the password was wrong, which shouldn't be happening. Anyway, I tried to reset it and was asked to enter my email, once I did that a message on screen is displayed saying "thank you, please check your email". After that, I went to my email but I didn't receive anything so I said "ok, maybe this time it didn't work I'll do it again" and so I did, but with no results again.

I've been trying to reset my password or access my account for more than two weeks now with no success. The worst thing is that I could never found I way to get in contact or something and I had to create this new account just to be able to post something here.

Anybody else with this problem? Anybody that can help me with this?

May 28, 2015

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If there is no solution online, you should try calling customer support.

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