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The word "kara"

The word kara is used fairly extensively in the first few lessons of the tree. Is this a common word to use in Esperanto? To me it's the sort of thing a grandmother might say to a grandchild, or from one person to another in a patronising way. I suppose its usage is different for Esperantists, then?

P.S. I'm happy it's finally here and already loving the course thus far. The tips and notes are thorough and well written as well, and I appreciate that :)

May 28, 2015



No, Esperantists are very happy in general, so they say that a lot, even to a person who they have just met. Edit: may be saying "Saluton, kara!" is commoner than saying only "Saluton!" hahah


Yes, I think so. Actually in Russian, for instance, I would barely ever use this word, even not like in English when you write it in e-mails like "Dear Mr./Mrs. Incognito". I even do not use this word for friends or family in Russian but somehow switching to Esperanto I begin to call my friends karaj, my parents karaj, everyone is kara when you speak Esperanto. I think that as any other language changes somehow your perception of things and words

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