This is a short tree

And that's... refreshing! I was worried I wouldn't have the time for Esperanto! Alexis, where are you? You should have this one done in less than 24 hours :P.

May 28, 2015


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Ha ha, get out. :P Nearly halfway through the second checkpoint. :)

May 28, 2015

And now halfway through the last lesson? ;)

She's not quite past the second checkpoint yet.

wow!!! that's super impressive! I'm progressing steadily (at first checkpoint) but I also have school and such to distract me :///

The race is on!!!!!

She's already past the first check point. :p

She's almost past the second too!

not surprised.

Psst....You have heard the rumours about her being a language learning robot, right? ;)

Rumors? I thought they were confirmed :P.

Both of you have lost your chill, seriously. :P

Lost my chill? Shivers

She finished Norwegian in like 2-3 days :O

I know, right? Only five lessons to go until the 2nd checkpoint for me :P

Esperanto is super logical.. Less grammar and vocab to learn. By design, not by accident!

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