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"Estas kvar homoj en mia familio: mi, mia edzo kaj miaj du filoj."

Translation:There are four people in my family: me, my husband and my two sons.

May 28, 2015


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i believe persons to be a better fitting translation of homoj here than people.

May 28, 2015


The audio is not playing for me, and there is no option to report that in the report section

September 8, 2018


I like the fact that the male voice says he has got a husband.

November 26, 2018


Would “spouse” be a valid translation for “edzo”? It seems “edzo” and “edzino” would both be valid translations for “spouse”.

June 11, 2018


I suppose it could be "geedzo" or something of the sort, as the ge- prefix tends to set the word to its gender-neutral counterpart, like in "gepatroj" for example.

August 26, 2019


why is "me" correct here, "me" is accusative not nominative?

July 13, 2018


Some words are missing in de word bank. I couldn't choose the word 'four' for example so it isn't possible to write the correct answer.

April 25, 2019


Whenever this happens you can click on Use Keyboard. The words you have already chosen will show and you can type in the rest. It doesn't happen often, but when it does you can get through it this way.

April 25, 2019
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