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  5. "Миша? Де миша?"

"Миша? Де миша?"

Translation:A mouse? Where is the mouse?

May 28, 2015



Sorry but "where is a mouse" is awful English. Does not sound native whatsoever.


Yes, I agree. "A mouse? Where?" sounds more native


Oh, I though it is. Could you propose other variant with the proper meaning?


A mouse? Where is the mouse? Mouse? Where is the mouse?


Hey, you are right! It's very important moment for us, Russians. Thank you!


Recording-woman's speech sounds so gently, I found that I wanted translate Миша? Де Миша? like «Misha, Where is Misha?" as she can't find her son or she is plaing with him «Where is my Misha?». I never heard somebody who spoken about mice with love.


Wow, this audio actually sounds kinda strange to me. Like she has an accent or something


I pronounced a mouse where is the mouse in Ukrainian 11 times and the system still would not accept it.......very frustrating


This exercise refuses to acknowledge my recording on the last/second word of миша. I think I must have attempted it five times and it records the first two words, but no matter how loud or clear I say the last word, it doesn't take. (My recording of the audio works fine on other exercises I'm doing.)


April 11, 2020. Three weeks after posting this, I am still having this audio issue. I can go about all of my lessons and have very little problem, yet I come back to this one to mend a broken course and this exact exercise is still not picking up the second "миша".

I've been saying it beautifully. It takes the first word, and I am saying it exactly the same. Can someone look in to this exercise please? Thanks! :)


Shouldn't it be Мишка?


Voice recognition fails time after time ;(


The subject mouse has been established in the question. The reply ,must then be Where is the mouse? The definite article should be used because establishment was made and use of the indefinite article "a" should be avoided.


Why do not accept "A mouse ? Where a mouse ?"


I did, but the system did not.

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