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Please be patient...

Hey everyone! We're totally blown away that we now have 1,380 (!!) learners in just 3 hours! Just want to say that we're very happy for all of your enthusiasm and our team of five people will be handling your reports and looking at your sentence discussions as soon as humanly possible, so please bear with us as we handle the avalanche of your awesomeness. :)

May 28, 2015



I am one of those 1,380. I never intended to learn Esperanto, but now that I've tried it, I'm hooked. If you speak Spanish, Esperanto just flows into your head effortlessly. Since I'm struggling with Russian, I appreciate the simplicity of Esperanto and I appreciate all the hard work of the Esperanto team. Thanks.


There have been studies that suggest learning Esperanto can potentially have quite a significant impact on the acquisition of other languages. ^_^


Most of the biggest Esperanto speakers of all times never intended to learn it or were even hostile towards it. Trying to learn it ("to prove your point") always does the trick


Thank you so much for helping with the course!


Take your time. We are extremely grateful for all your hard work thus far!


Don't worry. You're doing a great job. Thanks for the effort to improve the course.


I've started learning Esperanto in the past and was disappointed in the available courses and sites. I've been waiting for a decent one, and here it is. :)


Thanks. I did the level test. Not bad for a start...


Yeah, I feel bad about people trying to test out and hitting inflexible answers, but believe me, we're working through the reports as fast as we can. :)


Don't feel bad. It's beta. We know the score.

Feel happy, BECAUSE THIS IS AWESOME. That's right. I brought out the all-caps.


Your awesomeness is even bigger!


I was the 42nd! Isn't it cool?


I am so happy to be one of those!!!

[deactivated user]

    Well you've done a wonderful job getting to this point, now it's a case of sifting through all the bugs as this newborn slowly develops!


    Thank you so much for helping with esperanto!


    6K in 17 hours. Ukranian 12K and norwegian 16K in weeks. O.o


    You can’t compare it like that, there are many people waiting eagerly and subscribing very quickly to the course, it’s not proportional. If you want a meaningful comparison, you should compare (for instance) all languages after one week.


    Exactly. When a course hatches into beta, everybody who "pre-subscribed" gets a notification dropped in their mailbox telling them the course is available. So it's quite logical that you get a massive influx of learners right off the bat.

    It would be a lot more meaningful to compare the number of active learners after a week or two...


    Thanks for all your hard work, Esperanto team. Dankon!


    First of all: great work on the course so far! I've already sent in quite a few reports... Hope I'm not spamming you? :D


    No, no, keep 'em coming!


    I really don't understand. What is the difference when the course is in beta or stable?


    In beta it still has a lot of errors (i. e. missing alternative translations) and once we get most errors sorted out, it is considered stable. :)

    [deactivated user]

      1,380? Well. I'm sure there are more because I've been waiting for this mysterious language to arrive :)

      I am 1,381 ;)


      You all are super! Thanks so much for your work. I'm three units in and so far it's been smooth sailing. :)


      Thanks so much for this opportunity! Looking forward to learning Esperanto. :)


      Take your time....I still have three trees to finish before I start Esperanto, which I'm looking forward to!

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