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For non begginers, what level did you get at the test?

Level 6 here. Not bad for a start. I haven't forgotten all my Esperanto...

May 28, 2015



I'm not going to test out. I want to make sure I soak in all the glory. :D


I'm doing the same thing!/ ¡estoy haciendo lo mismo!


Level 6 too. I had some problems with English :-) But I want to go trough the whole course and report mistakes to help improve it more quickly. I am often trying strange sentences to test whether there are already in the course (often they are ;)


I didn't make the test, because I want to revise the whole course


I won't test out. I want to study the whole course from the beginning :)


6, but I forgot some English words since its not my native language


6, too. Which considering how little Esperanto I've done in the last month or so was better than I expected, to be honest!


Oh I forgot to test out! I still remember some things


I tested out of seven, and that was with a long first day at work! I plan on going through all those lessons latter but i wanted to see how far i could get. I kept forgetting the Ending n which makes me sad. I thought i knew better


Level 8. I might have done a little better, but I actually ran into a couple of translation issues (for example, in one sentence "malsano" had to be translated as "illness" and in another "sickness." I used "sickness" for the first and "illness" for the second, and got both wrong).

Edit: I suppose I shouldn't complain. Now that I've read the thread, it looks like I'm the one on this thread who tested highest.


I tried to test out but failed. Mostly because I learned Esperanto ten years ago and haven't used it much since, partly because this course is still in beta so it didn't accept some of my correct but non-standard translations... :D


I tested out at Level 4.


I speak Esperanto and English everyday, Esperanto for 3 years or more and English for a bit less than 1 year. I tested out 8 skills, I often had problems with articles (I always forget to put "a", probably because I'm Russian). I also didn't know some words like "lamb" in English. And I must admit that I wrote "vivas" instead of "loĝas". Normally I do not do this mistake if I just speak Esperanto but it seems that translating from English to Esperanto is a bit different thing. Somehow seeing English sentence influence on my Esperanto thinking and vice versa, I think duolingo is also a good training for switching between languages. I normally don't do it and it is a little bit difficult to set the brain to do translation work. Well, I'm going to complete the tree anyway and help to find missing translations.


Only level 2... in my defense I only learned it for about 3 months... 9 years ago!


I tested out 34 skills and got to level 9. Reported a few false negatives during the tests (such as not accepting "spekti televidon", tsk tsk tsk!)... now I'm just 10 skills away from the end. :)

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