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"Níl cróga ach macánta."

Translation:I am not brave but I am honest.

May 28, 2015



And everyone can see that.


I got 'i am not only brave I am honest.' I thought 'níl ... ach' meant 'not only' as well. Can someone give me some guidance?


Níl ach can be a bit tricky, but it usually means "only", rather than "not only". But in this particular sentence, ach is a conjunction joining two separate phrases (Níl mé cróga and tá mé macánta) rather than being par of a nil ach phrase.

Níl ionam ach fear - "I am only a man"
Níl ach nócha agam - "I only have 90"
Níl an carr seo ach ceithre throigh ar fad - "This car is only 4 feet long"


I think not only would be ní amháin


I think I figured out my mistake. I projected a not in there where it wasn't supposed to be...

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