"The Spanish language is not easy."

Translation:La hispana lingvo ne estas facila.

May 28, 2015

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Guys if you reach a decent Esperanto level, I am more than sure that you will learn Spanish or Italian easily after.

Source: Native Spanish speaker, Esperanto is REALLY similar to Spanish and Spanish and Italian are almost the same, so, you should give them a try after learning Esperanto.


This is why im learning Esperanto. but i also really like esperanto <3


Confirmo. (Soy latinoamericano)


Que bien! Latinoamericano de Norte, Centro, Sur...donde


I have to say this: I perceive some sort of contempt in this kind of sentences. I hate it when esperantists start comparing all other languages with Esperanto, absurdly defending the idea that it's better than them... It's not. It's just another language, and all of them, dispite their difficulty, are beautiful.


Idk I think that Esperanto exists to be easy to learn, and so it is easy to learn. That doesnt make other languages better or worse, or easier or harder to speak, it just means Esperanto does what it seeks to do. If you disagree, that's interesting, and I wouldn't mind hearing why, but I don't see why you should be annoyed at people saying that Esperamto is easy to learn.


The annoyance comes from the frequent over-playing of the "Esperanto is very easy and Language X is very hard" card. Not necessarily only in Duo, but elsewhere, especially in materials aimed at beginning Esperantists. Yes, Esperanto was designed to be easy to learn, but when presented as the above comparison it comes off as a little immature. It also ends up biting learners in the rear when they run into aspects of the language tbey find more difficult to learn.


Gracias. Además.. Español es facil.


Tienes razón. Vi pravas.

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    Take it easy, it is just a sentence, and many people (Esperantist or not) say it.


    I've never felt that way about Spanish, if it was that hard I would've never became a language nerd in the first place!


    How come "La hispana lingvo estas malfacila" isn't an acceptable response?


    the meaning of it might be similar, but to be precise there is a difference: malfacila = difficult / ne facila = not easy


    I would assume it's specific, since "La hispana lingvo estas malfacila" directly translates to "Spanish is difficult".


    As a coming high school spanish student, I agree


    Oh, that's true! Spanish is a very difficult language. I'm a native spanish speaker, but I have to say that the verbal tenses are difficult for us, so I understand spanish learners perfectly.


    It is difficult if you do not review and practice your own grammar. Practice,practice, practice...


    Entiendo que la parte de verbos debe de ser ultra complicado para un no nativo, pero ¿para nosotros? ¿Cuál es la dificultad para un hablante nativo? Tenemos algunos verbos irregulares, sí, pero el resto es ultra fácil una vez tienes el patrón en la mente, a eso de los 4, 5 años.


    Ĉi tio estas vera.

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      Thought that ‘malfacila’ would fit in here but apparently not


      Mi pensas, ke la hispana estas tre facila!

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