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Mobile app issue

I've been trying to set up my cousin with Duolingo, on his phone, but am having trouble. He has an account already, but since hes young and still not too interested, hes forgotten his password, though he can access his account already loaded and running on his tablet. So when I try to sign on through his phone since hes forgotten the password, I have to use the "forgot your password" option. Which prompts you to fill in your email address. When I do and press "send instructions", it shows a message that says "Instructions could not be sent, please try again"?

I've tried this over a few days and it doesn't change. Could it be that hes logged onto his tablet. I wanted to try logging off the tablet to see if then I could get on the phone, but then I might have the same trouble with the tablet. Is there an issue with resetting passwords? What should I do?

September 28, 2013

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I'm sorry I'm not able to give you a decent answer to this as I'm not sure. However, I would recommend you use your account to tell the Duo staff about this as they will be able to get a personalised answer sent to your email address. To do this, click the settings cog at the top right of your screen and go to help. Go right down to the bottom of the screen and you'll find a button saying contact us. Describe you problem in detail (like you have above) and you should get an answer sent to your email address within a few hours. Hopefully this will help you.

In the mean time, the dedicated troubleshooting section should be more likely to give you an answer to this via the community as your post will soon get lost here in the general section. You can still move the thread by going to edit below your post then changing the post to section to troubleshooting.

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