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When will immersion be available?

Edit: According to the those who commented, it appears like Duolingo has ceased supporting the immersion program. Hopefully, they'll bring it back later.

Just curious to know when immersion will be available. As in, will it be done when Esperanto graduates from Beta, or will we see it beforehand?

(Sorry if this has been asked before, the search function is terrible)

May 28, 2015



Not soon and probably never. Duo staff put in pause the development of Immersion. They said

it's because this requires quite a bit of our effort and doesn’t show a big increase in any engagement. We’re committed to making the best learning website ever, and for that we have to focus on what we think is most worthwhile.

And, I think to remember to have read, they changed their business plan and to plan to earn money with vending translation. By the way, the oldest EN-FR Buzzfeed Immersion article I found date from October 30th 2014, so they partnership may already be off.


Probably never - not very soon in any case. I seriously hope that they will think about adding it, but immersion is not a focus of the Duolingo staff anymore.


If you want esperanto immersion, check out verduloj.com. It's new and still in beta but it's the facebook of esperanto. ;)


I was hoping to expand the Esperanto Wikipedia through immersion, though now I'll have to find another way to do that.

And I have been a member of that site for a few months, back when it had the really ugly logo. I haven't been active there, though I'm trying to be more active now that the Duolingo course is out.

I'm ChefaRato


Ah, I thought I recognized your username! Yeah, it's been slowly improving. It's looking pretty good now. :)


I'm going to be a lot more active now. Turns out that the community on Lernu is rather closed minded, or at least a large part of it is. I'm going to try out other sites now, like yours and hopefully I'll have a better platform to do things I want (like comics).


Yeah, there's a lot of divisiveness and, uh, rude people there. Fortunately, they haven't found their way to verduloj yet. But one day they will. And I rue when that day shall come and I have to start being an Admin versus just a user. But, at least with verduloj, you don't have to add/friend those people, so you don't have to deal with them too much except in the forums.


Are you the one who asked about a suitable none-controversial pronoun for one of your characters and got buried in controversy?

Either way, I'd like to see your comics. Is there somewhere you post them online?


I haven't posted them online yet (or got to translating them XP) but I could email you 6 English ones.


There will be no immersion for Esperanto. There is no Immersion other than Spanish, French, Portuguese, German and Italian. And for esperanto there is not many text that you can translate.


Well how about esperanto wikipedia? I mean don't we want a world language?!


The problem is that in Immersion you have to translate the language you are learning to the language you know. So although there would be soooo much stuff to translate from English to Esperanto (which would be really helpful too), Immersion would work the other way around

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