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  5. "La bovinoj trinkas lakton."

"La bovinoj trinkas lakton."

Translation:The cows drink milk.

May 28, 2015



Actually bovidoj and bovidinoj drink milk,
bovoj trinkas akvon!


Clearly they're late bloomers ;)


Gebovidoj drinkas lakton, ĉu ne?


Jes, kaj gebovoj drinkas akvon


Yeah, I'd ask the software crew to tweak this one.


so 'bovo' = bull ? and gebovoj = a herd of cattle? or just one bull and one cow?


Mixed company, no specified number thereof. Could be a couple could be several. A herd is generally referred to as "bovaro".

You'll learn -ar later.


i think bovo itself is cow, and gebovoj are like, yeah herd of cattles of the same gender, with the females and males


Bovo is gender unspecific. When we say "cow" we often think of the bovine species, but are using the feminine specific designation. There are perfectly reasonable historic reasons for this. Virbovo = bull
bovo = bovine
bovino = cow
bovido = calf
gebovoj = unspecified number of bovines of mixed genders, cattle
bovaro = herd of bovines, or cattle

But a cowboy is vakero.

Then there is the silly thing I heard once; bobovoj = Cattle-in-law. Two ranchers got married …

One can really do some amusing things with the affixes in Esperanto. Fibovo? Bovema? Boveca? Bovero? Bovisto? Eksbovo? etc. For your edification & amusement you may now try to figure just what these different affixes have done to those poor cattle.

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