Pronunciation German words.

The female voice sometimes has pronunciations which very hard to recognise. The word "wir" souned to me as if it began with "l". I played over many times, but couldn't hear "w". Simularly wth "Bücher", This to me definately began with "g". Is there something wrong with how the voice is generated?

6 years ago


I have also commented on this and have had to play the recordings over and over, sometimes at slow speed. Once I distinctly heard her say "schmarss" instead of "schwarz" and "Warkzeug" instead of "Werkzeug".

6 years ago

I also have problems understanding the stuff she says, There was a sentence where I thought she should be saying "das" but it sounded like "does" (in English) so I figured she must be trying to say "des" or something. I lost a heart for that :( I also notice she says a lot of words that have long E's like they're "ie" instead of a long E sound. Isn't long E supposed to sound like the ee in "Beethoven" or the eh in "geh"?

5 years ago
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