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"Lia granda mantelo estas bruna."

Translation:His big coat is brown.

May 28, 2015



A browncoat, eh?


Tiu estas kiu mi diris, ĉu ne?

Mi estos en mia lito.


What exactly is the difference between a jacket and a coat?


In English, I just use them interchangeably. People know what I'm talking about, generally. I never really learned the difference.


+1 on this. Is there a separate word for jacket? Also submitting this as an issue just in case.


There is, when I put in jacket, it told me that was 'jako'.


Jackets are a kind of short coat, but some coats are not jackets because they are longer. http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/jacket http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/coat


Doctor? Is that you?


Li celas malkonduti. He aims to misbehave.


Butler has Mantelo in his Esperanto-English (one-way) dictionary as cape, cloak, etc. not coat.


I found cape as promontoro, cloak as mantelo and coat as vesto.


Promontoro translates also as "Promontory," a high rock or hill over a level area (as in an ocean) which translation of "cape" would be geographic, not a vestment. Near as I can figure, Superman's cape would be mantelo or pelerino, but certainly wouldn't be promontoro or kabo no matter how strong he is.

Kudos on acquiring an English-Esperanto dictionary. Can you add notes to it?


Not that I know of, I also have this Esperanto-English dictionary, but it doesn't have as much. http://esperanto-panorama.net/vortaro/eoen.htm and this one is defining the Esperanto words in Esperanto: http://reta-vortaro.de/revo/ but if you scroll down, it does have translations to various languages and has first meaning for "mantelo" as cape, cloak, mantle and second meaning as coat. I think from now on I will check the last one first.


I like to have a decent paper dictionary just for the opportunity to scribble comments, notes, etc. in the margins. I've been told one can do that with a kindle, but I haven't figured out how, yet. There are also a couple of Eo Dictionary apps for Apples & Androids that are fairly affordable. One of them just gives a one or two word definition, then, if the word is picked, will take you to the appropriate Wiktionary (this includes language) page.


I'm one of these stupid people who think a coat and a jacket are the same thing so I got this one wrong I guess.


Remember, if it hangs sufficiently below the waist as to not show skin when you bend over, it's a coat. Otherwise it's at least a jacket.

Says the guy who lives where sub zero (Fahrenheit) weather is the norm for part of the year.


"His large cloak is brown" was accepted (6/19/2018). I just wanted to try it.


Mantel!!! That is familiar to me....


You're wizard harry


Vi estas sorĉisto, Harĉjo.


There was another one that said Lia grand cxapelo estas bruna. I put His big hat is brown. It wanted me to say large. Why are these wrong?


There's a typo in your sentence. Is that what you actually entered?

In addition -- if you're looking for meaningful feedback in the forum: It's always good to include:

  • the whole sentence you entered
  • the full correction
  • any unused word tiles
  • screenshot or copy-paste is best


Mi ne havas mantelo

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