I love this sentence...

Sneak peek into plurals, which contains my favorite sentence so far:

Li ne havas patron, sed li havas du patrinojn

He doesn't have a father, but he has two mothers :)

Very happy with the course creators right now!

May 29, 2015


Saving this, going to make a t shirt with it

May 29, 2015

I'll buy a shirt!

May 29, 2015

If I did make a shirt, it would cost 25$ though, which is rather expensive >.<

May 31, 2015

If there were a group of people that wanted them, then this is a good site:

May 31, 2015

Me too! I was so happy to see it :)

May 29, 2015

There have been a lot of neat things in the lessons so far. I'm enjoying the tone.

May 29, 2015
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Lia brakhorlogxo havas ekranon kaj pomon :)

May 29, 2015

Mi preferas havi unu patro kaj unu patrino sed la frazo ne gxenas min tre multe. Mi sxatas la kurson, dankon! Why punish prgmstr for having a different opinion? The sentence reflects today's times and if that makes people happy, then it makes me happy in some way because it shows that we embrace different ways of doing things. However, I do feel grateful to have been raised by a man and a woman.

May 29, 2015

"I do not agree that two individuals of the same sex should have a romantic/sexual relationship" Okay, your opinion is yours.

"I believe that sins like homosexuality is reason enough for an individual to go to hell". That's not okay.

Saying that you don't agree with my lifestyle is one thing, telling me I'm going to hell for my lifestyle is another. There's a fine line and ze (don't know zir gender) crossed it.

May 30, 2015

but is not the second sentence ALSO zir opinion? did that sentence physically harm thee? did it deprive thee of having (or doing) something that thee has a right to have (or do)? (and no, freedom from being offended is not a right. Sorry.)

July 17, 2015

"and no, freedom from being offended in not a right. Sorry."

"if you are making someone feel uncomfortable then you shouldn’t be doing it."
" Be respectful of others and where they’re coming from."
"Hateful, obscene and off-topic comments don’t contribute to learning."

Yes,I do have right not to be offended.

"did that sentence physically harm thee?"
Although a single sentence will probably not harm anyone, constant exposure to hate can wear a person down. For example, one person saying that someone has a weird nose is nothing. An entire school saying someone has a weird nose everyday for months can lead a person to depression.

Although Duolingo can't control what people do outside of their website, they can control what happens inside (to an extent). They're trying to make a open community that doesn't alienate people based on their orientation, gender, religion, culture, nationality, ethnic background, beliefs, etc. Saying people are going to hell because they have a certain orientation is not the community we are trying to create.

I hoped this helped. Guidelines and other information are at the bottom if you need help.

July 17, 2015

[In response the other comment, which I assumed got deleted for language]

You and me are more thick skinned than others. For example, I was also called homophobic insults, and they didn't worry me in the slightest (because I lived in a physically abusive household, but I digress).

I, personally, do not get harmed (emotionally) by people saying things such as "gays go to hell". However, I do understand that some people will take greater offense to that. For example, someone who has lived in an extremely homophobic household. They had to be in the closet their entire life, and when they came out, they were banished and shunned by the family/community. They person might be more deeply affected then someone like me who came out as gay with no problem. They want to be able to learn languages and interact with the community with out being reminded of their traumatic past. Now although it doesn't bother me, I want to make this place more welcome to the people it does bother.

As for Prgmstr, for the most part ze expressed zir opinion in a respectful way. However, ze did cross the line occasionally. I didn't report the comment, as ze wasn't being malicious, I was pointing it out to Minescias for the sake of discussion and debate.

July 17, 2015

I just want to say, thank you for your thoughtful comments here Red. It is important to be able to have these discussions, as not having them changes nothing, as I know too well. It actually encourages people to never question what and how they do things - and can encourage more sad things to happen. So I commend you for your words, and for duolingo allowing this discussion to occur - in a respectful way.

For myself, I see us as a diverse group of learners who make up all of US. I know in that group there are some who believe that some of us are them - the others - and choose to not see how this alienates others in our community. Represses them and makes them immensely sad. And prevents an individual or a group from feeling welcome by slighting/attacking them, and this can discourage them from being able to engage in language learning.

Those holding this belief that there are people that are "the others", at times, do not see a problem with that - as they only see their beliefs. They feel "The Others" are "repulsive/sinful/whatever justification" and they should be made to feel uncomfortable and unwelcome (or they do not think - they just act and make inappropriate comments). I know those who create this Us versus Them divide can feel themselves - that they are the ones being alienated - being felt that they are not welcome - as they see people express actual states of being - such as nationality, or gender - that in their beliefs they do not accept. The truth is every one of US is welcome in duolingo - providing we are respectful of others. Please note the word respect.

Yes it is complicated with many shades of gray.

I support the contribution and engagement of all people - including those that hold deep seated beliefs that they have a right to put down others - providing they do not do so in this environment.

As individuals - I love it when I see people reach out to others - especially when they have opinions, states of living, religions, beliefs, nationalities, etc that are different to their own. And that they develop friendships with these people and encourage them to learn a language. These are golden moments when I see this happen. And to those participants - on which ever 'side they be - make me proud of US humans.

I also hope as individual participants of Duolingo, that where we get a chance to politely engage in conversations with those that hold different beliefs and try to forge friendships and encourage all people to learn another language.

I hope when we perceive an US versus THEM scenario coming in to play, that we try to lighten things up if possible - while being safe ourselves, helping people to engage in language learning and being respectful to others, and maybe even forging friendships.. If it gets out of hand,- to discuss and report it to a moderator or two - and where appropriate - to report it to the duolingo abuse team. If it makes you feel uncomfortable, and gray in area, that you also are not able to discuss with a moderator or a friend here - via the Activity room, or that is not urgent in nature - then do report it to the abuse team. I know duolingo would like everyone to feel welcome here - providing they are also being respectful.

I would hope that every one of us are encouraged to help each of us, to show respect, and to be US.

(ps. note - I did just post something very similar to this but deleted it - as some of my wording was in its core unclear- I apologize for this echo)

July 17, 2015

And to those who complain - gosh she has written yet another book - the brief summary of the above - :

  • We all need to be respectful of each and every one of us (and where possible also be courteous and welcoming - or to choose to not say anything at all)
  • To see we are community of US, and discourage divides that turn us into " US versus them ".
July 17, 2015

Duolingo intends to be a safe and respectful learning environment. Homophobic comments that make gay, lesbian, or bisexual folks feel unwelcome to learn here or under attack from other community members, including threats whether on one's own behalf or on behalf of someone else are a violation of the website guidelines. Such comments will be removed when they are found.

June 1, 2015

Mi havis du patrinojn, kaj ĝi estis tre bona. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

May 30, 2015

Ditto, I posted it on twitter when I saw it. Relieved to see it after what seemed a very conventional start.

May 29, 2015

Why we not increase this hashtag in facebook ツ

<h1>tre_bona_en_esperanton ツ</h1>
May 31, 2015
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