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Haven't been able to use 'Strengthen Skill' for a few days

Hello Duolingo friends!

I was wondering if anyone else was dealing with this issue or if perhaps I toggled something off. Whenever I go to use 'Strengthen Skill' it tells me "Heads Up! You have practiced all your words. Try doing some lessons or translations." Now granted, I really really love to do the strengthen skill thing; could I have perhaps used up all my opportunities to strengthen for the tier I'm on? Anyone else had this issue?

As a side note, I'm learning Spanish currently and just made it to the tier that has 3 learning modules with "To Be" as the first on the left. When that tier opened up for me it shows that I have already completed the "To Be" module even though I haven't done any of the exercises. Is Duolingo smart enough to be keeping track of how many times I've previously used to be properly to give me credit or do you think it's just jacked up?

Anyway, just wondering if anyone else has had these issues.. especially the first, I relaly miss being able to do the skill strengthening!

May 29, 2015


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