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"La komencanto havas verdan rozon."

Translation:The beginner has a green rose.

May 29, 2015



Esperanta rozo! =)


what exactly is a "green rose"?


Or it could be a rose that hasn't bloomed. Maybe it's because they're a beginner. :)


A rose that's been colored green! I believe there are a few bushes that can grow greenish roses, but I definitely know you can get a white rose, stick it in a jar of water with food coloring, and in a while it'll be green!


Ohh, haha okay! I thought maybe it was an idiom. Dankon :)


Green is the colour of esperanto, so it's probably a significant choice of colour rather than a weird choice of flower.


The green rose is exactly that -- a rose varietal that is green in color. There are two kinds: the original without petals, and the more modern mutated forms that have actual flower petals in varying shades of green. Beware of those who offer seeds: the original green rose does not produce pollen and cannot produce "seeds". It can only be reproduced by cloning (cuttings).

https://www.mountainvalleygrowers.com/rosviridiflora.htm https://flirtyfleurs.com/green-rose-study/ https://www.yardious.com/green-rose/

I first saw these in a comprehensive rose handbook back when I was researching old roses (ie, non-hybrid types).


The flowers in Esperanto!


Is there a difference in saying 'The beginner has a green rose' and ' The beginner has green roses'?


Yes, 'The beginner has green roses' would be 'La komencanto havas verdajn rozojn'. The 'j' before the accusative 'n' indicates plural - note that the adjectives for the plural word also get a 'j'


Thanks - didn't know that as I am a beginner!


Havu verdan rozon. ;)


Mi ŝatas la esperantan flagon!


There's a problem here... when I do the listening exercise, it only accepts it with a period at the end - I quintuple-checked my spelling. I feel that's a little pedantic, but don't know how to go about reporting it.

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