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  5. "Do you not drink your beer?"

"Do you not drink your beer?"

Translation:Trinkst du dein Bier nicht?

December 26, 2012



Whilst the sentence in German may make sense, the translation to English is far from good, as an 'English' English speaker, you would never say the translation, 'You are not drinking your beer'?, is as close as I can get, without hyphernating 'are not' to aren't'.


"Why don't you drink your beer?"


Why Eure isn´t a option? it means your


Dein refers to an individual where as Eure addresses a plural "your." Since this pertains to a single person (as indicated by Du), it has to stick with the singular your (Dein).


I also agree that "eure" should be an accepted answer. Two people can be sharing a beer and you are asking one of the two people if they are not drinking their (shared) beer. It's a grammatically correct sentence.

It would be a lot more logical than many of the sentences on duolingo...


True, but then it would be "euer Bier", not "eure".


plural would be "Trinkt ihr euer Bier nicht?"


Why not deinen Bier? Isn't this accusative?


Because Bier is neuter (das Bier), and the neuter article doesn't change in the accusative case.


How about 'Du trinkst dein Bier nicht' ??


Du trinkst dein Bier nicht?

was the translation I entered, and got it correct, but being that this is not the recommended translation, I was wondering whether or not this word order would be strange in German.


"Du trinkst dein Bier nicht" can also be a statement: "You are not drinking your beer." It is not as common to ask questions by intonation in German as it in English, but it is possible.


Could it also be: "Trinkst du dein Bier?" ?


Why not deine bier?


I answered "Machst du nicht dein Bier trinken?" Because machen is the verb for the English 'do' and the second verb goes at the end in full. I think this is more correct to fit the English translation.


That´s too literal. "To do" is an auxiliary verb in English, but "machen" is not..

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