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Duo doesn't know the day

I was in Europe for several months until about a week ago. Just recently, I've noticed DuoLingo isn't displaying the right day of the week, telling me it's already Thursday when it's still Wednesday, etc. This is giving me problems in maintaining a streak. Any ideas?

May 29, 2015



First idea that comes to my mind: did you setup back your computer to your current timezone?


Is it only Duolingo? or do other apps give an incorrect day?

Where do you see the day of the week? I must admit I cannot remember seeing it myself!


Duolingo is the only place I've noticed the issue.

On the homepage, I see an activity meter that shows how many points I've earned each day for the last few days. The same meter pops up at the end of each lesson. That's where I see the day of the week.


I have this problem, Duolingo doesn't update to reflect the timezone. When I started my current streak my tablet was installed in German, but when I set it back to NZ time the exact 12 hour time difference has caused it to reset the time at noon :D And I have tried lots of fixes, nothing I could do about it.

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