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Explanation for the names Sofia and Adam

In the phrases skill, we were introduced to the names "Sofia" and "Adamo". I just read some parts about L. L. Zamenhof in Wikipedia and it turns out that they are his children! Zamenhof had three kids named Sofia, Adam, and Lidia. Here is the link

May 29, 2015



Good detective work, you get two lingots for that, lol.


Thanks! I don't really need them so here are 24 lingots!


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Thank you, lol I actually did needed some lingots so not only are you a good detective you're also a Good Samaritan.


Erven.R reinvented the concept of investment.. :D


Great find, Erven, thanks!


Lidia devas esti malfeliĉa... :/ Mi estus


Poor Lidia :(


Lidia is the most famous one of the children already: she was active in the movement and was known for being a supporter of the Bahá'í faith.


Lidia makes me so sad.


Then there must be a sentence including Ludwik Lejzer Zamenhof!


Zamenhof sentences are in the bonus skill Eo Culture which we haven't published yet. :)


Awesome work! ... or should i say, Mojosa laboro!


Sadly, all were murdered by the Nazis during the Holocaust.


That, mia amiku, deserves a lingot, as that is a very "undocumented" case, and one of the reasons why Hitler hated the Jews. He used Esperanto as an argument to say that they have this language they made, and as they are the route of all evil ecetera ecetera more rubbish. However, he condemed the language of Esperanto, and this also happend in WW1 when it was again banned as it was thought to be a "code". I think it's pretty impressive that the language is here today, along with 200 million of us speakers :)


200 million Esperanto speakers would appear to be just a slight exaggeration. That figure would imply more Esperantists than Russian speakers, although with fewer than the number of Portuguese speakers, it would make Esperanto the eighth most widely spoken language in the world. We would all like to see such numbers, but unfortunately a number like 2 million is still much more likely than 200 million.


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Dankon por komenci cxi tiun fadenon.

The link Erven.R provided leads here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/L._L._Zamenhof#cite_note-YIVO-2

There are no references to Zamenhof's children (that I can find).

However, here are two places that do mention them:

The Geni genealogy site mentions all his children, as well as other relatives. It also contains links to their pages, which mention, for example, that Lidia died at Treblinka in 1942 (aged 37). The site also includes many family photos. https://www.geni.com/people/Ludwik-Zamenhof/6000000015385523244

The website "Zamenhof.info" appears to be supported by UNESCO. It has an extensive article on his work on/for/with Esperanto. It also has a "family" page which fills in many of the details from the geneaology website, and has a wonderful gallery of family portraits. http://zamenhof.info/en/biografio http://zamenhof.info/en/familio

I've never tried it, but I know that, for example, our local Historica fair will not allow students to use Wikipedia as a primary reference because anyone can change anything at any time. I have no doubt that Erven.R found references to the Zamenhof children on the linked page when he posted his message three years ago.

Question is, what has happened to those references in the intervening three years? And why?

A Wiki search returns the message: "The page "Zofia Zamenhof" does not exist. " (also tried "Sofia")

Lidia does have her own page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lidia_Zamenhof

Adam has a very brief Wiki page https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adam_Zamenhof

(You're only paranoid if . . . )

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