"In our home is a big map."

Translation:En nia hejmo estas granda mapo.

May 29, 2015

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I think "domo" should be accepted here - they're practically synonyms, surely? "House" and "home" are practically synonyms for me. I know there's a slight difference of meaning, but not one worth penalising people for when learning a language - which is already an area where many people are easily discouraged :)


Mia hejmo, mia hejmo, mia reĝlando por domo. Aŭ kastelo. Er, nazo?

Mi ne scias.

I think I'm agreeing with you. ;)


Considering the use of the possessive makes them practically synonyms, I think you should report it to see what the course creators think abour that change (don't forget this is a beta version and all reasonable reports are welcome and encouraged).


I think that "domo" shouldn't be accepted. "eo: hejmo" includes both house and flat (and many other possibilities).

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