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Will Esperanto have a Words menu at the top?

Some languages have a Words menu at the top where it says Home Activity and Discussion. Will Esperanto have a Words menu? That makes it easier to review vocabulary

May 29, 2015



I hardly doubt it; Dutch graduated from Beta a long time ago and it doesn't have a words section either, so I don't see Esperanto getting one soon.


well it's a different team so maybe this one can. Given the enthusiasm of the day interest in reviewing vocabulary will come later


It's not that the team doesn't want to (you clearly don't know the Dutch team well - they're all fantastic and driven people); it's the Duolingo IT infrastructure that doesn't put things into place (same thing with Immersion).


I see. Sorry to Team Dutch, no offence meant. I looked around and German, French, Spanish have these menus. It's odd that there would be an IT issue given the popularity of all these languages. I use Ruby myself and I read that Duolingo uses Python so I don't know why there would be a coding issue. Any menu can just be a link to another website with Duolingo branding if one server is a problem. Anyway, thanks for the information.

Already at 6 in Esperanto!? Nice!


No worries, and thanks (I'm bingeing on the course lol). It's not that the code isn't in place (I've accessed the dummy page for Dutch words a couple of times by having multiple tabs open and switching languages from a page in Spanish or French with words, then changing the language to Dutch on another tab and refreshing the first), it's that they don't wanna activate it - that would imply flashcard and proficiency implementation, and they're just kinda focused on other stuff right now (doesn't mean they won't upgrade these languages in the future).

Let's hope (that's what Esperanto is all about!)


Why aren't those things wholly abstracted? There shouldn't be a separate proficiency algorithm per language.


I think when you finish the tree , with german from spanish was this way for me.

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