"Мої друзі"

Translation:My friends

May 29, 2015

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Why is it друзі and not други?


Well, you just have to memorize it. In case of подруга it's in fact will be подруги.

These are the most common Ukrainian consonant alternations:

  • г — з — ж нога — нозі — ніжка (leg nom. - leg dat. - leg diminutive)
  • к — ц — ч рука — руці — ручка (hand nom. - hand dat. - hand diminutive)
  • х — с — ш вухо — у вусі — вушко (ear nom. - ear loc. - ear diminutive)


So hands become pens? :D


That's a common joke :D

-Дай мені ручку! (Give me a pen)

-На! (Here you are!) gives a hand


Is it maybe a matter of a sound change called assibilation? In Croatian, for example, assibilation (croat.: sibilarizacija) happens when k/g/h stand before "e" or "i", so they become c/z/s, respectively, with some exceptions (Croatian "c" has that 'ts' sound).


From the given sentence one can not make an assumption about the gender of the friends, could be only males or only females, right?


Rather only males or mixed. For only females we usually say подруги


thanks for your response. :)


In Ukrainian, there are various words you can use for the word "friend". (They are gender-specific.)

'друг', 'подруг', 'приятель' are when one is speaking about a 'male friend'. ('Товариш' is from the Soviet times.)

'подруга', 'приятелька', ('товаришка' is also from the Soviet times.) I have also heard "коліжанка" used to refer to a 'female friend. But I think it may be a regional slang. Although it does sound nice!


Подруг does not exist


So when we add "і" to the end of the word it makes it plural? Sorry If I understood that wrong


There are 3 possible endings for plural: и, і and ї.

You use

  • ї after an apostrophe or a vowel (сім’ї - families)
  • и after a hard consonant (except some words that end in ар, ир): слон - слони (elephants), ручка - ручки (pens)
  • і after nouns that end in a soft or a sibilant consonant: тінь - тіні (shadows), миша - миші (mice), вівчар - вівчарі (sheperds)

More about hard, soft and mixed groups here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/8868469

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