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Best way to learn?

I've studied some German on Duolingo before but eventually got bored and focused on reading native texts (with LWT) instead. I've been looking forward to learning Esperanto and will give Duolingo a try for this but I'm wondering how to best do it?

If I recall correctly, a major problem when studying German was that I understood just enough to pass the level but basically forgot it as soon as I closed down the site for the day. I felt like I tricked the system by just ruling out the incorrect alternatives.

At the moment, my plan is to basically do as many daily skills as I have the energy for while taking notes and then strengthen once a week.

May 29, 2015

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How much time per day can you spend on languages? Learn 3 new exercises (So around 10-20 minutes) and then do a couple of practices. I've been a bit lazy with some of the recent German I have learned but I can remember the first 800 words I learned with perfect fluency from the amount of practicing I did.

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