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  5. "Where are we?"

"Where are we?"

Translation:Де ми?

May 29, 2015



Does the order of the words matter?


Де ми? is a normal, natural, as Vinnfred said, order, while Ми де? has more emphasis on де. It happens in spoken English as well. Example: Ми тут. Ми де? (- We are here. We are where?)


How you pronounce?


Well, usually no matter what word order is, the sentence would mean the same. But some orders are natural, some are totally not, and some can be used for the emphasis when you know what you're doing


It would be really good if the course had the Cyrillic alphabet on the screen :(


Пишу De и на сайте вижу De, но при этом почему-то слово отмечено красным как не совсем правильное. И выдает almost correct. Почему так?


А зачем Вы пишите латиницей? Если нет в предложении букв "і/ї/ґ", то можно писать русскими буквами. Кодировки идентичны, за исключением указаных выше букв.


I need to find a translit guide (wrote De mi, instead of De my), having trouble to setup my keyboard to ukranien and can't write properly...and trying to use translit but I don't know "ukranien translit grammar", if such a thing makes sense at all. Any hints? Thank you very much


Please ask general questions in the general Ukrainian Discussion. More people will see it there and will be able to help you. This discussion is only for the given sentence and related grammar.

If you are on Windows, you should install Ukrainian Enhanced keyboard layout. Check the following links for instructions:

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