"Well, thank you."

Translation:Bone, dankon.

May 29, 2015

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I feel like "Nu" is the more appropriate way to say it, unless I'm responding to a "How are you feeling?" type of question. "Bone" is usually associated with positive qualities, after all. The word "well" doesn't necessarily mean a positive.


Yes, nu is a legit translation if you imagine that the speaker is interjecting thanks in reply to someone else explaining their own contribution.

"I wasn't using it, anyway." "Well, thanks." "I thought you'd like company." "Well, thanks."

Bone is correct if you imagine that the speaker is replying to a question about the quality of their activity.

"How do you do?" "Well, thanks." "How's it going?" "Well, thanks."

Sana is correct if you imagine the speaker is replying to a question about their state of being/health.

"How are you?" "Well, thanks."


Wrong 'well'! 1) "How are you, George?" "Well, thank you!" (Bone, dankon!) 2) "Does my bum look big in this, George?" "Weeell...." (Nuuu...)


I have to agree. I was very surprised to see bone used in the exact same way as English. But my question is, what does nu mean, literally translated?


People have probably answered this but, is it well like answering the question of how are you or is it well...thank you.

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