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  5. "What is impossible?"

"What is impossible?"

Translation:Hvad er umuligt?

May 29, 2015



Is the -t ending always used for question words without some pronoun, does someone know? Thanks ^^


Now I am not completely sure, and I just went through, like, 25 adjectives in my head just to try to answer your question....but we use the -t ending for questions like these, beginning with "hvad". However, when using "hvem" (who) then it's without the -t.

  • "Hvem er smuk?", "hvem er blå?", "hvem er sød?" (Who is beautiful?, who is blue?, who is sweet?) as opposed to
  • "Hvad er smukt?", "hvad er blåt?", "hvad er sødt?" (What is beautiful?, etc)

And as always, there are exceptions.


It is not ~ From a native Danish speaker ✌

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