"Hans blå skjorte."

Translation:His blue shirt.

May 29, 2015

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why "bla" and not "blat"?


Adjectives only end in a 't', if the noun is neuter-gender (if you use "et" in front of it)

En blå skjorte = a blue shirt En stor bil = a big car

Et blåt hus = a blue house Et stort bord = a big table

En sød pige med et sødt smil = a sweet girl with a sweet smile

Hope that helps :)

(this is only in singular, if it's plural you don't add 't' for neuter-gender nouns. "Et blåt hus" becomes "to blå huse")


Thanks for clarifying!


Tak. Also, I'm happy to see that the Danish word for table is bord. It's the same word in Irish :-)

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