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  5. "The crown prince is in town."

"The crown prince is in town."

Translation:Kronprinsen er i byen.

May 29, 2015



i/på ... Can one use "på" here instead of "i" or does that only mean that he's out drinking/partying similar to the expression "out on the town" in English?


The latter.


Why is "Kronprinsen er i bygda" wrong? Cheers.


"En by" is a city or town, while "en/ei bygd" is a village.


I thought that "town" and "village" were synonyms. Tusen takk. In Mexico we distinguish only between "pueblo" (town, village) and "ciudad" (city). In Spain they have a further distinction. "Aldea" (village), "pueblo" (town) and "ciudad" (city). "Aldea", by the way, also exists in Mexico, but is totally a synonym of "pueblo".


Thank you, that's useful to me as a Spanish learner. We have a two-tier system of urbanity in Norwegian too, but match it up differently with the English three-tier system.

Here is a definition of "town" which might be of help:

"a built-up area with a name, defined boundaries, and local government, that is larger than a village and generally smaller than a city."

Most "byer" in Norway would be considered towns by international standards, and even our biggest cities are quite modest population-wise. Oslo, our capital and most populous city, has a population of less than a million.


Really interesting. Tusen takk igjen!

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