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Esperanto is fun :)

[deactivated user]

    Please tell me it stays this easy!? I am having so much fun here, it even sounds like a pretty language! I'm just thinking, "All the benefits of sounding like a romance language... Without the difficulty of learning a romance language!!" Yay for Esperanto :D

    May 29, 2015



    Yes, I'm finding that (so far) Esperanto has been very easy, especially compared to the other language I'm learning. For many sentences, I don't even have to hover over new words, as I seem to instinctively know what they mean. That's pretty cool.


    So do I. I love it! I can say that It's the best language I've learned.


    I only finished the first lesson but I find it nice, and I like that this course has a male voice for a change.


    It's definitely much better than the German male voice.


    I think you'll find that it stays pretty easy. There are some tricky aspects, but that's maybe because there are simply some types of thinking which in most any language have difficulties to them.

    But you won't have any irregular verbs to memorize. You will be able see what part of speech a word is because of the endings.

    And you will be able to use it to communicate effectively with others much faster than with any other foreign language. I've got a wonderful email pal that I write to almost daily and get to speak with someone who knows hardly a lick of English. We've talked about many diverse subjects and made jokes, we've laughed at what the other has written and felt worry when the other was sick. I've gotten to learn about another person's culture and viewpoints, I've been able to see a world beyond the English-speaking one.

    The language may not be perfect. But it is easier and effective and sometimes quite beautiful in sound and the tricks and nuances that can be exploited.

    It was one of the best decisions I ever made when I began to study it back in 2010.


    I can't say much from experience, but it is supposed to stay easy - that's one of its main aims. The biggest potential difficulty is probably the -n ending, but if you're willing to take on a little bit of grammar that shouldn't be a big problem.

    About the romance aspect, perhaps unfortunately that does reduce a bit when you get to plurals. Basically you get a lot of -oj and -aj (said like boy and eye) endings on words. Personally I like the effect, it makes the language feel kind of bouncy.


    You are exposed to the -n endings, like for me, him, her, them, etc, pretty early on in the Duolingo course thankfully, so you can get used to them early on.


    I have played with Esperanto for quite a while and do enjoy it. I am hoping Duolingo will iron out my weak spots. It is very logical and when you 'get' the system you can be very productive with it very early on. It deserves to be more used in the world than it is.


    I think that was the original idea behind its creation :) Easy, fun, reminiscent of Romance languages, and useful for international communication.

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