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  5. "Журналіст і дизайнер"

"Журналіст і дизайнер"

Translation:A journalist and a designer

May 29, 2015



I've got a question. How do you pronounce it in speech, when words stick together? Your voice always makes a pause between і and the previous word. Should I do it, too?

I ask because in Russian it would have turned into «журналістидизайнер», with the "hard" и (because "т" is not palatalized). However, I am sure it isn't what happens in Ukranian. Should I always keep the sounds separate, or pronounce «журналистідизайнер», with soft "ті", or something else?


No, definitely not "ті". In quick speech it would be similar to Russian, with hard "т". With normal rate of speech, I would say that we usually keep them separate

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