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  5. "They need to rest."

"They need to rest."

Translation:Їм треба відпочивати.

May 29, 2015



Wouldn't a perfective verb be better: їм треба відпочити?


It depends on the context, which is missing in the sentence.

  • Їм треба відпочити зараз -- They need to have a rest now, it's time for them to take a rest.

  • Їм треба відпочивати кожну годину -- They need to take a rest every hour. This form of the verb should be used when saying how often they need to rest.


Oh yeah, indeed. I should have thought that one better.

At least your comment is now a free hint for all the future learners. Thanks.

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Yes but it's rare used without any additional information like " they need to rest more often or from time to time" then відпочивати. Відпочити is used more often and usually do not need any other explanation


What's the difference between Відпочити and Відпочивати? Not sure when one is better than the other.


Відпочити is the perfective form, there's already an explanation on this page

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